About White Boxer

White Boxer is a design studio located in Columbus, Ohio and founded in 2005 by Chris Kavinsky. White Boxer with a simple objective: improving your business. I work hard to exceed client expectations and attract most projects through strong word-of-mouth referrals. Learn more about my services and work, or get in touch to talk about how White Boxer can work with you.

About the name

People often ask about the White Boxer name. It’s always assumed (and rightly so) that the name came from the fact that I own a white boxer (see the logo). But it’s more than that. There are many characteristics common to the boxer breed that describes me and my approach to the design business.


Like the breed, I bring a lot of energy to the table. My enthusiasm and excitement for good design and visual communication, whether it be web or print, gives my clients confidence that I will work hard to accomplish the goals set out to help their business be successful.

Alert and intelligent

This isn’t quite as haughty as it sounds. Never content with the common approach to design, I’m always looking to improve my skills and methods to deliver better creative results for my clients. Whether through books, classes or conferences, I’m interested in improving the services I offer and how to push the envelope.

Sound judgement

A mantra I try to apply to every project I face is have a reason for everything that you do. This means that I don’t try to talk clients into doing what I don’t feel will help them accomplish their goals. This keeps overhead to a minimum and helps stretch your dollar as far as possible. I believe in value, not spending top dollar. I don’t use confusing jargon and make lofty promises. I will be honest in telling you what I think will work and why.


I believe in having good, honest working relationships with my clients. My business is to help you grow your business.

Good-natured and sociable

I’m an avid believer that you need to enjoy what you do if you want to be exceptional. That can’t be more true in creative work. I do what I do because I enjoy it immensely. Great design and visual communication isn’t my job, it is a part of who I am.