In visual communications, what matters is the work. The work featured here demonstrate the power of effective, purpose-driven visual communication. This collection is a culmination of years of design experience and creative success. Whether its e-commerce web sites, annual reports or brochures, corporate branding, or advertising, I strive to keep projects focused on your goals and the needs of your audience.

Web Design

tattletale Alarms

tattletale flash
  • Client tattletale Alarms
  • Completed March 2007

A dynamic Flash presentation providing an overview of the many sensors and accessories tattletale manufactures. The presentation gives a brief description of each product, and provides links to other sections of the site for the user to learn more details.

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Lithik Systems Inc.

lithik website
  • Client Lithik Systems Inc.
  • Completed April 2006

Lithik Systems Inc. needed a redesign for their site that better reflected their business philosophy and methods, and also was appealling to their target audience.

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Royal Coffee and Tea

Royal Coffee website
  • Client Royal Coffee and Tea
  • Completed November 2006

The redesign for Royal Coffee and Tea better promoted their corporate branding and added better functionality with e-commerce capabilities.

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The WaterMan

waterman website
  • Client The WaterMan
  • CompletedMarch 2007

The WaterMan site promotes their municipal water filtration systems and also educates users on the benefits of filtered water.

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“Mansfield” template

jose nelson website
  • Client Yahoo!
  • Completed October 2007

A collaborative effort with Involution Studios, Mansfield is one of three different templates I designed for Yahoo!'s Small Business Services devision. The theme of the design is to appeal to the real estate market.

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Xenos Christian Fellowship

xenos website
  • Client Xenos Christian Fellowship
  • Completed April 2006

Xenos Christian Fellowship needed a new home page design that could eventually be carried into the rest of the site. The previous design was dated, difficult to navigate and poorly structured. The new design is cleaner, reflects the image of the church better, and better organizes important content. It incorporates techniques such as CSS and templates to make management and updates much simpler, and Flash to add more interactivity.

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Print Design

ETI brochure

ETI brochure
  • Client Electro-Test, Inc.
  • Completed October 2003

A collaborative effort with Tom Slayton at Atomic U235 to develop an attractive, edgy brochure for the largest independent electrical testing, maintenance, and engineering service company in the United States.

Humanitarian AId Fund brochure

Aid Fund brochure

  • Client Xenos Christian Fellowship
  • Completed May 2004

Brochure promoting Xenos Christian Fellowship’s Humanitarian Aid and Development Fund. The fund meets practical, financial needs of poor peoples throughout the world while using as little money as possible for administrative and promotional needs, allowing the vast majority of donations to be used to go directly to those people the Fund is aimed toward. The brochure, printed with a four-color cover and 2-color interior to reduce costs, acheived its desired goal of $75,000 within four months.

Xenos Soccer Festival

Soccer Festival brochure
  • Client Xenos Christian Fellowship
  • Completed May 2005

A soccer camp co-sponsored by the Columbus Crew and Xenos Christian Fellowship,includes a clinic of soccer skills as well as other events for the kids and their parents. The goal of the brochure was to be fun and festive, and contain general information of the event and a registration card.

DACC 2006-2007 Course Catalog

DACC catalog
  • Client Delaware Area Career Center
  • Completed September 2006

The Delaware Area Career Center offers professional training to area high school students and is affiliated with the Ohio Department of Education. The goal for their course catalog was to tie in the elements that were effective from the previous year and add elements to the state-wide campaign. This catalog was the first regional career center in the state of Ohio to incorporate design elements from the state-wide campaign. Winner of the NSPRA/Ohio "Best of the Best Award".

In collaboration with Atomic U235 Inc.

1997 Addy Awards

Addy Awards
  • Client Columbus Advertising Federation
  • Completed February 1998

This booklet showcases the winner of the Columbus Advertising Federation’s 1998 Addy Award winners. The largest number of local winners on record at the time, the booklet presented the winning work in an attractive keepsake for those that attended the awards cerimony.

Tiger Systems Inc. brochure

TSI brochure
  • Client Tiger Systems Inc.
  • Completed August 2004

Tiger Systems Inc. (TSI), a company specializing in home and office electrical systems (security, networking, stereo, etc.), needed a new brochure to tie in with the rebranding of the company. TSI went from promoting itself with basic white sheets of paper listing their services, to a colorful brochure that gave the company a stronger presence in their community.

Identity/Logo Design

Bill Graham Handyman Services

Bill Graham Handyman logo
  • Client BIll Graham Handyman Services
  • Completed May 2007

A startup handyman service based in Columbus, OH. The logo was successful in visually distinguishing the client from the other similar services in the area. The logo was designed in a one-color version as well, which was used on vehicles.

Ohio Dietetic Associaton

ODA logo

  • Client Ohio Dietetic Association
  • Completed May 2007

The previous logo for the Ohio Dietetic Association was several decades old and wanted a new look that was professional and modern. The goal was to create an identity that captured both the Ohio and Dietetic aspect of the ogranization. The tomato, as the state vegetable, represents both. The use of a serif typeface also adds some personalness to the logo, far from the corporate-looking sans serif used previously.

Xenos Soccer Festival

Soccer Festival logo
  • Client Xenos Christian Fellowship
  • Completed May 2005

A cooperative effort between the MLS team, the Columbus Crew, and Xenos Christian Fellowship to offer a one-day camp for kids, the logo needed something to reflect the fun and exciting atmosphere that would appeal to the target audience, and also preserve the image that the Crew portrays in its other marketing material. The new identity program included a logo that captured the sense of fun of the festival, while tying in key elements of the Crew’s identity. The logo was designed to be used as a complete unit, or separate the components but still keeping it recognizable. A two-color registration brochure was developed to launch the promotions. Participants also received a t-shirt and poster commemorating the event.

Tiger Systems Inc.

TSI logo

  • Client Tiger Systems Inc.
  • Completed July 2004

Tiger Systems Inc. develops and installs custom electronics systems and wanted to rebrand their company. They desired to have a professional and consistent look to their company identity.

Adventure Clubs

Adventure Clubs logos
  • Client Xenos Christian Schools
  • Completed September 2003

When Xenos Christian Schools launched its Adventure Clubs for its students, it wanted a visual identity that could be used on t-shirts and promotional material. I designed a logo family that captures the energy and excitement of the different clubs and events, and is easy to reproduce in a variety of media.

Remodeling Experts Inc.

REI logo
  • Client Remodeling Experts Inc.
  • Completed March 2006

A new startup in Columbus, Remodeling Experts Inc. (REI) wanted to quickly establish themselves in a highly-competitive marketplace and establish a look that stands out among the competition. Since the services REI offers home owners will grow as the company grows, the logo needed to not be limited by representing too-specialized a service.