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  • Where You’ve Been, Marv?

    Where You’ve Been, Marv?

    Its hard to believe its been over two years since I posted an entry on this site. Time gets away from you when you’re having fun. Since then, I’ve gone back full time to a great company, I’m still teaching my web design class, and raising three kids. I’ve had ambitions to get this site […]

  • Five for Friday: 11.7.2008

    This is a day late, but considering my goal was to do this weekly, but have only made one post for this category before now in two months or so, I’ll let it slide. Really nice redesign by the folks at Airbag Industries. is a site for people to stay informed on social […]

  • To WordPress or Not to WordPress?

    About a year-and-a-half ago, I switched from a flat HTML web site to using WordPress (WP), mainly because I wanted to start blogging (although you an’t really tell by the archives, or lack thereof). The current design was in the works several months before the actual switch to WP, and looked much better on paper […]