Author: Chris

  • New year, new look

    Hard to believe it’s been nearly three years since I’ve posted anything to this site. I’m determined to give this the attention I should this coming year, and it starts with giving the site a new look. I was never quite happy with the last one, and just recently found some performance bugs related to […]

  • Dealing with the Website Monkey

    I recently read The One-Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, and lately started looking at just about everything as a monkey. One of the biggest ones has been this website. I’ve been wanting to redesign this site for years, and sketched multiple variations of design and wireframes. However, working full time, having a family with three […]

  • Websites That Work: 20 Years Later Part 1

    Websites That Work: 20 Years Later Part 1

    It’s been twenty years since Roger Black wrote Websites That Work. It was one of the first web design books I read and influenced my perspective of web design as I was first starting to learn the field. I want to explore how the points he makes throughout the book hold up two decades later. […]

  • Where You’ve Been, Marv?

    Where You’ve Been, Marv?

    Its hard to believe its been over two years since I posted an entry on this site. Time gets away from you when you’re having fun. Since then, I’ve gone back full time to a great company, I’m still teaching my web design class, and raising three kids. I’ve had ambitions to get this site […]

  • Things Have Been Busy for Awhile

    Things Have Been Busy for Awhile

    Over the past twelve months, things have been quite busy for me, both professionally and personally. During that time – and for me the most important – was becoming a father for the third time. I also began teaching a self-developed class at CCAD aimed toward helping professional print designers transition into web design. This […]

  • How Jeopardy Ruined the Great Gatsby

    How Jeopardy Ruined the Great Gatsby

    I am a fairly avid reader, especially of early 20th Century period pieces, whether fiction or non. One classic I had meant for years to read was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but never got around to it. At the urging of my wife, I finally got around to reading it last fall. […]

  • The Importance of Service

    The Importance of Service

    Life, and especially the day job have been extremely busy lately, hence the non-posts for several months. But an interesting thing has happened with some new clients we’ve taken on lately that all center on the quality of service, which is one of the things we excel at at TCS. Client one responded to a […]

  • The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

    Its been over four months since I posted anything to this site. I have a nice long list of topics to blog about, but haven’t sat behind the keyboard and actually typed anything out. After several months, I finally got around to upgrading my database and WordPress to version 3. I’ve also been rough-sketching new […]

  • Cleveland Browns 2001 Redraft Revisited

    In the ten years of their return to the NFL, the Cleveland Browns have been nothing short of disappointing. The vast majority, if not all, of the blame rests with the front office for poor hirings of head coaches and pitiful drafting. Awhile ago a played retroactive fantasy General Manager and redid the first five […]

  • More blatant rip-offs

    Shawn Inman was asked to comment on the services of a web design company, Sprincy. Upon reviewing their work, he came across an interesting observation, his Mint site was apparently designed and built by Sprincy. Apparently, this was news to him, since he was sure he designed and built that site himself. Its also noted […]