More blatant rip-offs

Shawn Inman was asked to comment on the services of a web design company, Sprincy. Upon reviewing their work, he came across an interesting observation, his Mint site was apparently designed and built by Sprincy. Apparently, this was news to him, since he was sure he designed and built that site himself.
Its also noted that apparently Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain’s design work for the City Church was not his either, but Sprincy. The same with Cameron Moll’s redesign of Vivabit. Funny how so many designers are getting their work confused with a incredible work done by one group.
Looks like Sony was inspired by Sprincy as well (via Daniel Mall). A double wammy. They not only rip off the Sony site, but claim some of the best known work of some of the best known designers are their own. When will it end?

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